Our Teams

Fred Hsiao, Ph.D.

Vice President, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control

Dr. Hsiao is Vice President of CMC center at United BioPharma (UBP). He joined UBI Group in 2018 and has over 20 years of track record in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries experiences ranging from manufacturing, engineering, quality control, quality assurance, process development, R&D, technology transfer and supply chain. Dr. Hsiao has extensive experience in design, construction, validation, system build up and management of sterile & non-sterile pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing, filling and packaging operations and the application clean zone concepts and energy savings. He has successfully led the teams to obtain FDA (UBI Pharma), EMA and PIC/S GMP inspection approvals.

Prior to joining UBP, Dr. Hsiao was the VP of Quality Center at UBI Pharma Inc.; his extensive and strong management experience include his tenure as Director of Manufacturing at Mentholatum China Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., where he has led a team of approximately 1,000 people and as Plant Director of U-Liang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. As the Plant Manager of OPNANO Plant in Orient Europharma Company, Ltd., Dr. Hsiao was responsible for designing new oncology injection plant; he led the facilities renovation planning and development as Plant Manager of Standard Chemical and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in which he has obtained approval from FDA, TGA and PIC/S GMP, in addition to saving costs for the company with the reengineering project implementation. Dr. Hsiao’s background in vaccines production, technology transfer was during his tenure at ADImmune Corporation where he has designed new biotech plant for production of influenza vaccine. Dr. Hsiao obtained his Ph. D in Bioorganic Chemistry from the institute of Chemistry at National Taiwan University.