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Be-Sheng (Ben) Kuo, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Preclinical/ ImmunoPharmacology

Dr. Kuo is Senior Vice President, Preclinical/ ImmunoPharmacology at United BioPharma (UBP); he joined UBP (2014) from United Biomedical, Asia (UBIA) between 2009 and 2010.

Dr. Kuo has a 30 year of track record in drug development ranging from monoclonal antibody, synthetic peptide vaccine, protein and small molecule compounds. Dr. Kuo's strong research and background includes quantitative protein and cellular analysis, immunopharmacology, pharmacokinetics and safety/toxicology studies.

His milestones in innovative drug research and development include 10+ monoclonal antibodies used in respiratory, immunology, infectious diseases and oncology therapeutic areas. Dr. Kuo was Senior Scientist in the United States for Marion Merrell Dow (now Sanofi), Parke Davis (now Pfizer), IDEC Pharmaceutical (now Biogen Idec). and as Senior Director in Taiwan for AbGenomics and Fountain Biopharma.

Dr. Kuo graduated from Pharmacy School of Taipei Medical University and received his Ph D in Biopharmaceutics from the College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, Ohio. He continued his postdoctoral training in cardiovascular pharmacology at Duke University and Jefferson Medical Center. Dr. Kuo published 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers.