Our Teams


Chief Executive Officer and President

Dr. Shugene Lynn is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of United BioPharma (UBP). She also serves as a board member of several companies within the UBI group. Prior to joining UBP in January 2019, she was the executive vice president of corporate development at UBI Asia, responsible for corporate strategic planning and financing.

She has been with the UBI group since 1999, beginning as a bench scientist with increasing responsibility from project to program management, to corporate development, and has been associated with every step along the path of UBI growth in Asia. She was the first scientist in the UBI group to be engaged in the antibody humanization platform, and has since led a team to build the therapeutic monoclonal antibody process development platform, and brought the HIV drug candidate UB-421 from cell line development to clinical phase I and II stages. During her tenure at UBI Asia, the company was awarded 11 government research grants, and sponsored three monoclonal antibody drug candidates into clinical trials.

Dr. Lynn received her B.S. in plant pathology and Ph.D. in life sciences from the Institute of Zoology both from National Taiwan University. She completed her postdoctoral training at Academia Sinica and received the Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award in 1998 for her eight first author publications in international journals.