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Minister of Health and Welfare led the delegation to visit United BioPharma for the COVID-19 vaccine development program




Mr. Shih-Chung Chen, Minister of Health and Welfare, Taiwan led the delegation, including government officers and industrial experts, to visit United BioPharma (UBP) on May 19, 2020 for the COVID-19 vaccine development program initiated by UBI group, and the UBP’s manufacturing capacity.


During the visit, the COO of UBI Pharma (UBI group), as the project leader, Dr. James Peng shared the progress in developing the COVID-19 vaccine and the preliminary encouraging results on viral neutralization capability. “It is exciting that UBI group has been able to leverage its years of experience in developing human and animal vaccine products to facilitate the current development of COVID-19 vaccine.” said James. “Being a leading biopharmaceutical company in Taiwan, and working as an CDMO service provider, UBP fully supports this project with our commercial scale manufacturing capability and established technology platforms. In order to expedite the development, UBP has designed an accelerated timeline of 6-8 months from cell line development to GMP manufacturing.” said Dr. Shugene Lynn, CEO of UBP.


With current UBP’s manufacturing capacity, it is expected to supply enough vaccine for the entire population of Taiwan. When including the spared capacity at the facility, it will be able to meet the world’s need. With the government’s encouragement, UBP shall engage every effort to support such a project to improve the health for humanity.