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United BioPharma: Value Stems from Innovation and Execution


About United BioPharma (6471)

Founded in October 2013, United BioPharm (UBP) was spun-off from its parent company, United Biomedical, Inc., Asia, to focus on its monoclonal antibody drugs business. UBP has established a strategic partnership with Taiwan conglomerate, Formosa Plastics Group and its Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital network. UBP possesses a comprehensive technology platform for antibody drug development and is focused on the R&D, manufacture, and global commercialization of innovative monoclonal antibodies and biosimilar antibodies with significant market potential. Driven by innovation and execution, UBP strives to provide effective therapeutics to address unmet medical needs, improve human health and contribute to Taiwan’s economic development.

For additional information about the company, please visit http://www.unitedbiopharma.com

Contact: Victor Sun, VP of Business Administration and Spokesperson
Tel: 886-3-668-4800 ext 808