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United BioPharma received approval of the multi-nation, multi-center phase 3 IND from Thailand FDA for UB-421 in HAART substitution trial(2018/03/15)
UBP Construction Plan to start on new facility for biopharmaceutical manufacturing in China(2018/03/05)
United BioPharma Filed IND to Taiwan, China and Thailand FDA for UB-421 Phase III HAART Substitution Study(2017/11/16)
United BioPharma UB-921 granted approval from TFDA for Phase I clinical trial of breast cancer treatment(2017/09/19)
Former Area Head of North Asia Clinical Management of PPD to join United BioPharma(2017/09/11)
United BioPharma Closes A Fundraising of NT$ 900 Million(2017/08/03)
United BioPharma had received the “2017 Potential Benchmark Award"(2017/06/12)
United BioPharma Files Phase IIb/III IND with the U.S. FDA for Treatment of Multi-drug Resistant HIV with Company’s Lead Product UB-421(2017/06/02)
United BioPharma holds an inauguration ceremony markingthe opening of its new manufacturing plant(2017/04/25)
President of United BioPharma, Dr. Mei Jun Liao, is invited to the 5th Biologics World Taiwan as The Invited Speaker(2017/03/08)
UBP Wins 2017 Bioprocessing Executive of the Year and Advancing Development of Innovative Bio-Molecules from Biologics Manufacturing Asia (BMA)(2017/02/16)
United BioPharma invited to present UB-421 Phase II clinical trial results in late breaker session at CROI 2017(2017/02/15)
UBP Receives Nomination from Biologics Manufacturing Asia (BMA)(2017/02/14)
Dr. YwanFeng Li has joined United BioPharma(2017/02/08)
Dr. YwanFeng Li has joined United BioPharma(2017/02/08)
United Biopharma Submitted completed anti-HIV therapeutic mAb UB-421 Phase II Clinical Trial Report, to TFDA for review(2017/01/09)
UBP Obtained the Building Use Permit for its Industry-scale Protein Drug Manufacturing Facility(2016/12/14)
National Institute of Health Study: UB-421’s HIV Suppression is Superior to 4 Other Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies(2016/11/28)
United BioPharma Closes A Fundraising of NT$ 500 Million(2016/11/22)
United BioPharma to establish industrial protein drug manufacturing process via ICP program(2016/11/03)
United BioPharma Receives Technology Enterprise Qualification Planning for IPO soon(2016/10/31)
UBP announces UB-421 research data at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Conference on HIV/AIDS Research(2016/10/20)
Drug Holiday is not just a dream! United BioPharma announced positive result in UB-421 Phase II Clinical Trial(2016/08/30)
UBP acquires global marketing authorization for UB-421, an innovative therapeutic antibody drug for AIDS(2016/08/23)
Current Outlook and Future Trends in HIV Treatment Symposium(2016/08/09)
United Biomedical Inc. Asia (UBIA) to Receive Royalty Payment of 100 Million RMB derived from FMD Vaccine(2016/07/05)
Ministry of Economic Affairs designates UBP an “innovative pharmaceutical company”(2016/04/08)
The main structure of UBP’s new industrial-scale protein API facility was completed today(2016/03/12)
United BioPharma Received Grant from MOEA for Phase I Clinical Trial of Its Innovative Antibody Drug UB-621 for Treating Herpes Simplex Virus Infection(2016/02/15)
UBP in-licensed anti-VEGFR2 antibody, a new cancer therapeutic drug, from Academia Sinica(2016/01/26)
UBP was awarded the 12th National Innovation Award for UB-421, its innovative therapeutic antibody drug for AIDS(2015/12/24)
United BioPharma Receives Grant from MOEA for AIDS Therapeutics UB-421(2015/11/08)
TFDA Approves Clinical Trial for United BioPharma’s Innovative Anti-HSV Antibody Drug UB-621(2015/11/03)
United Biopharma’s Monoclonal Antibody Drug UB-421 for AIDS Treatment Wins “Gold Prize of Innovation”, UBP Invited to Attend Award Press Conference(2015/09/03)
United Biomedical, Inc. Asia Group and Formosa Group of Companies Collaborate on Biomedical Education(2015/08/27)
United Biopharma Invited to Present at the “Innovative Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics vs. Somatic Cell Therapy”Conference held by Jih Sun Securities(2015/08/06)
United BioPharma Receives Approval for AIDS Therapeutic UB-421 Phase II Clinical Trial for HAART Substitution Therapy from TFDA (06/02/2015)
United BioPharma Receives Approval for AIDS Therapeutic UB-421 Phase IIa Clinical Trial Results from TFDA (04/24/2015)
United BioPharma Announces Breakthrough in its Manufacturing Process for Monoclonal Antibody Drugs (03/24/2015)
United BioPharma Describes the Future of Drug Development at 2015 Macroeconomics and Industry Trends Forum(2015/03/06)
United BioPharma Accelerating Product Development, Plant Construction, and Global Market Expansion after Capital Injection of NT$734 Million(2015/02/13)
United BioPharma Breaks Ground for Commercial Scale Protein Drug Manufacturing Plant(2015/02/08)
United BioPharma Submits IND for UB-421 Phase II Clinical Trial for HAART Substitution Therapy in HIV/AIDS Treatment(2015/02/02)
United BioPharma Invited to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, 2015(2015/01/11)
United BioPharma’s Innovative AIDS Therapeutic Candidate UB-421 Awarded Gold Prize of “2014 Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development” (2014/12/30)
United BioPharma Submits Phase I IND for UB-621, an Anti-HSV Antibody New Drug(2014/12/12)
United BioPharma’s Parental Company, United Biomedical Inc. Asia, Won “2014 National Innovation Award” for both UBITh® Alzheimer’s Disease Immunotherapeutic Vaccine UB-311 and Ba-Ta Con ® Swine Synthetic LHRH Vaccine(2014/12/09)
United BioPharma Invited to Attend JihSun Holdings’ Investor Conference(2014/11/26)
United BioPharma Completes Phase IIa Clinical Trial of Innovative Antibody Drug UB-421 for AIDS Treatment(2014/11/26)
United BioPharma Licenses Innovative Antibody Drug 8D6 for Asthma and Allergy Treatment from Academia Sinica(2014/11/12)
United BioPharma Holds Investor Conference for Emerging Stock Market Listing and Operations (Video)(2014/10/28)
United BioPharma Investor Conference for Emerging Stock Market Listing and Operations (FAQ)(2014/10/06)
Three Independent Directors and One Additional Supervisor Elected at United BioPharma Interim Shareholders’ Meeting - UBP Board of Directors Forms (2014/10/02)
United BioPharma Selected to Receive State-of-the-art Antibody Drug BioProcess and Manufacturing Technology in an Industrial Collaboration Program by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2014/9/22)
United BioPharma’s Monoclonal Antibody Drug UB-421 for AIDS Treatment Wins “Gold Prize of Innovation, Taipei Biotechnology Award, 2014” (2014/9/19)
United BioPharma Listed on Emerging Stock Market, Focusing on Development of Monoclonal Antibody Drugs(2014/9/19)
United BioPharma: Value Stems from Innovation and Execution (2014/9/19)
United BioPharma Holds Investor Conference for Emerging Stock Market Listing Today(2014/9/16)
United BioPharma to Hold Investor Conference on September 16, 2014 to Announce Emerging Stock Market Listing (2014/9/9)
United BioPharma Holds Company Opening Ceremony (2014/1/16)
United Biomedical Inc. Asia Creates Business Plans -Biopharmaceutical Businesses Ready to Accelerate (2014/1/16)
United Biomedical Inc. Asia and Formosa Biomedical Together Found United BioPharma, Specializing on Monoclonal Antibody Drug Development (2013/12/16)