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Pilot plant for protein drug Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Located in HuKo, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, this pilot plant is equipped with two mammalian cell culture based production systems for protein drug API at 150-L scale. The plant passed its first GMP inspection by Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration in October of 2007, and a follow-up inspection for GMP compliance in Feb. 2009. With this pilot plant, we successfully brought UBP’s products to preclinical studies and clinical trials by establishing a scalable manufacturing process and manufacturing GMP grade materials in a cost effective manner.

Commercial cGMP manufacturing plant

United BioPharma has started building a commercial scale, state-of-the-art, FDA-cGMP-compliant, protein drug manufacturing plant. Initially two 2,000-L production lines will be built. Upon the completion in late 2016, this facility will be the largest capacity protein drug manufacturing plant in Taiwan.