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Founder and Chairperson
Chang Yi Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Chang Yi Wang is the founder of UBI Group, and has been the Chief Scientist since 1985. From 1998, Dr. Wang has served as the Chairperson and CEO of UBI, and she is the principle inventor on 80+ patents held by UBI, including the UBITh ® functional antigen technology platform. As Chairperson and CEO of UBI Asia, Dr. Wang has led the development and commercialization of UBITh® synthetic peptide pipelines, the establishment of technology platforms for protein and antibody drug development, manufacturing and clinical trials.

Dr. Wang received her B.S. degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University and her Ph.D. degree in Immunology and Biochemistry from The Rockefeller University, New York City. Dr. Wang was a principal investigator and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and a faculty member of the Department of Immunology, Sloan-Kettering Division, Cornell University Medical School. She has published more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Dr. Wang is the principal investigator of a US$17 million contract awarded to UBI from the US NIH for the development of an AIDS therapeutic vaccine. She also serves on the US NIH scientific review committee for the “Cooperative Research Partnerships for BioDefense” funding program and the SBIR Immunobiology and Allergy funding program. In 2007 Dr. Wang received the Inventor of the Year Award from the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYPLA). Dr. Wang is also the Founder and Chairperson of United BioPharma (UBP) and UBI Pharma.

Mei Jun Liao, Ph.D.

Dr. Liao joined UBP in January 2014 with over 30 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. She served as Vice President, Research and Development with Interferon Sciences, Inc. from 1983-2003, where she directed all R & D projects in the major areas of protein biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology. From 2003-2007, she was Vice President, Research & Development and Quality Control, Hemispherix Biopharma, Inc., responsible for directing quality control and stability testing for Ampligen, a major product of the company. Dr. Liao joined UBI in 2008 as Vice President, with responsibility for regulatory affairs for biological products and was a key member in UBI’s NIH funded HIV Therapeutic Vaccine program. Dr. Liao is accomplished in development of therapeutic biological products from bench research to preclinical testing, human clinical trials, and final approval by FDA and regulatory agencies.

She received her B.S. in Chemistry from National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan, and her M.Ph. and Ph.D. in Physical Biochemistry from Yale University, New Haven, CT. Dr. Liao completed postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the direction of Nobel Laureate Professor H. Gobind Khorana. She is author of numerous publications and holds several patents in the area of Alpha Interferon.

Executive Director
Shugene Lynn, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynn is Executive Vice President, Research and Development of UBIA. She joined the UBI Group in 1999, leading the development of the humanized antibody UB-421, high-yield CHO cell line, process development and phase I and II clinical trials of UB-421. She was also responsible for the development of the biological pipeline and oversaw the entire R&D process. Under her supervision, UBI-Asia has been awarded 11 government grants and has brought 3 biological products to clinical trials. Dr. Lynn received her B.S. in Plant Pathology from National Taiwan University and her Ph.D. degree in life sciences from the Institute of Zoology, National Taiwan University. She completed postdoctoral training at Academia Sinica, Taiwan and was first author for eight scientific publications in international scientific journals. To honor her achievement, in 2008, Dr. Lin was nominated for the 16th Individual Achievement Award of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Technology Research and Management Award.