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2016.03.12 Completion of the main structure of UBP’s new industrial-scale protein API facility
2016.02.15 Innovative anti-HSV antibody drug, UB-621, received a Technology Program grant from Ministry of Economic Affairs for its phase I clinical trial
2016.01.26 UBP licensed anti-VEGFR2, an anti-cancer antibody, from Academia Sinica
2015.12.24 Innovative AIDS therapeutics UB-421 was awarded the 12th National Innovation Award
2015.11.29 Innovative AIDS therapeutics UB-421 received a grant from Ministry of Economic Affairs for its phase II clinical trial
2015.11.03 Phase I clinical trial application for innovative anti-HSV therapeutics UB-621 was approved
2015.06.02 United BioPharma receives approval for UB-421 Phase II clinical trial for AIDS HAART substitution therapy from TFDA
2015.04.24 United BioPharma receives approval for AIDS therapeutic UB-421 Phase IIa clinical trial results from TFDA
2015.04 United BioPharma breaks ground for commercial scale protein drug manufacturing plant
2015.02.08 United BioPharma holds groundbreaking ceremony for the commercial scale protein manufacturing plant
2015.02.03 United BioPharma completed NTD $730M capital increase (cash)
2015.02.02 United BioPharma submits IND for UB-421 phase II clinical trial for AIDS HAART substitution therapy.
2015.01.11 United BioPharma is invited to present at JP Morgan’s investor conference.
2014.12.30 United BioPharma’s innovative monoclonal antibody UB-421 wins Gold Prize of 2014 Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award
2014.12.12 United BioPharma submits IND for UB-621 clinical trial.
2014.11.26 United BioPharma completes phase IIa clinical trial of its antibody drug UB-421 for AIDS treatment.
2014.11.12 United BioPharma acquires antibody drug candidate 8D6 from Academia Sinica.
2014.09.22 United BioPharma is selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to undertake state-of-the-art monoclonal antibody process development and manufacturing technology.
2014.09.19 United BioPharma’s AIDS therapeutic monoclonal antibody drug UB-421 wins the Gold Prize for Innovative Research and Development of the 2014 Taipei Biotechnology Award.
2014.09.19 United BioPharma is listed on the Emerging Stock Market with stock code 6471.
2014.09.16 United BioPharma holds investor conference in Taipei Far Eastern Plaza Hotel to announce its Emerging Stock Market listing.

Untied BioPharma is approved to go public.

Untied BioPharma’s branch office locates to Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.
United BioPharma partners with experienced international team for manufacturing plant construction, planning to build a 20,000-square meter complex for R&D and manufacturing in Hukou Industrial Park. In the first stage, two 2,000-L antibody production lines will be established. Depending on the market demand, United BioPharma can expand the plant to accommodate up to twelve 2,000-L production lines.
2014.03 Patient recruitment, administration and follow-up of UB-421 phase IIa clinical trial are completed.

United BioPharma holds its opening ceremony in Taipei 101


United BioPharma licenses the anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody from DCB for the potential indication of cancer.


United BioPharma launches a strategic collaboration with Formosa Biomedical and Cheng Gung Memorial Hospital.


UBI Asia spins off its antibody business to establish United BioPharma