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Founder and Chairperson
Dr. Chang Yi Wang
Be Responsible, Be Innovative, Be Ethical
My intention has always been to provide effective and affordable pharmaceuticals that address unmet medical needs using biomedical knowledge technologies. As a Chinese innovation-oriented global biopharmaceutical company, United BioPharma (UBP) is dedicated to bringing biomedical talent and Taiwan biotechnology industry to the world.

UBP is a young company that adopts the intangible assets, teams, technology, and culture from the parent company United Biomedical, Inc., Asia (UBI Asia). UBP is a company with solid protein drug research & development capacity, innovation, and execution.

To contribute to the society while developing cutting-edge products, we keep corporate social responsibility in mind. To our shareholders, we promise to be an ethical and trustworthy company. To our employees, we promise to provide a healthy and challenging workplace. UBP intends to create a better future for our employees, shareholders, and society.

UBP: Value Stems from Innovation and Execution