• Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    UBP respects the law and values the management principles of transparency and integrity.

  • Talent Cultivation

    Talent Cultivation

    • •With our base in Taiwan, we have established a Chinese global biopharmaceutical enterprise, recruiting national and international biomedical talent.
    • •Our regular R&D meetings provide a platform for staff members to communicate, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. Experts in the biomedical field are invited as guest speakers to share the latest developments in research and to broaden our knowledge and vision.
    • •We collaborate with universities and provide lectures, company tours and internship opportunities to students.
    • •We cooperate with the government and academic institutions on special training and prospective employment for biomedical talent.
  • Culture Promotion

    Culture Promotion

    UBP and the UBI Asia group co-built a website for sharing recent global news, encouraging articles, inspirational speeches and videos related to science, economics, community issues, politics and lifestyle. Via text and music, the site provides a platform for helping the community and society embrace harmony, goodness and justice. It also provides information regarding the need for safe, effective medical products that are affordable, and the need for improving human health and well-being.

  • A Friendly and Happy Workplace

    A Friendly and Happy Workplace

    Talent is UBP’s most valued asset. The company takes into account “the body, mind, and spirit," employing a humane management approach and providing employees competitive salaries and benefits, as well as opportunities for self-development and promotion in a harmonious and safe work environment.

    Employees engage in their favorite tasks and continue to create value, with a sense of achievement. UBP provides employees the following benefits:

      • •Special reward program: high-performing and senior employees are recognized annually with various awards, bonuses and stock options.
      • •Annual health examination to ensure employee wellness
      • •Bonuses for birthdays, weddings, Chinese New Year and other holidays, as well as group and occupational hazard insurance, company trips, and an annual banquet.
      • •Internal and external training.
      • •Barrier-free communication channels.
  • Assisting the Government in development of Taiwan Biomedical Industry

    Assisting the Government in development of Taiwan Biomedical Industry

    The company focuses on developing new drugs. Using our unique technology platforms, knowledge, and experience, we hope to

    • Develop drugs for major diseases, combining the advantages of the healthcare system and clinical research resources in Taiwan, and elevate us to a leading position in the global market.
    • Create job opportunities in the biopharmaceutical industry to attract overseas talent to come to Taiwan.
    • Raise the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Protecting the Environment

    Protecting the Environment

    • •The company is dedicated to pollution control and environmental protection measures: developing sound waste and sewage disposal, managed and executed by a responsible team.
    • •We collaborate with certified waste management companies to deal with unrecyclable and biohazard waste.
    • •UBP pays close attention to ecological preservation, including mandating carbon reduction, recycling and caring for the earth.